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  ■ PLD 系列大型龙门移动式数控平面钻床 PLD Series Large Gantry Moveable CNC Planar Drilling Machine

  ◆适用范围 Application 电力、石化、压力容器等热交换器管板、钢结构以及用电设备的孔加工,也可应用于其他行业大型板材的孔加工。 本机床系列为龙门移动式数控钻铣床,主要用于平封头、管板件的钻、扩、铰孔,兼有轻铣、镗功能。 For power,petrochemical,pressure vessels and other heat exchanger tube plate,steel structure and the use of electrical equipment hole processing,but also can be applied to other industries of large plate hole processing. The machine is gantry movable CNC drilling and milling machine,which is mainly used for drilling,expanding and opening of flat head and pipe,and has the function of light milling and boring.

  ◆产品结构特征 Product structure characteristics 1、伺服滑台式钻削动力头,具有钻孔、扩孔、倒角、铣槽功能,可一起工作,也可独立工作。 2、在 X、Y 方向自动找点进行钻孔加工,主轴转速及进刀速度无级可调。 3、床身上设置 T 型槽,使用压板装夹工件。 4、可用手摇轮、顶针、询边器等多种方式寻找工件中心 。 5、CNC、PLC 控制,CRT 显示 。 6、编程软件基于 WINDOWS 平台,带有 CAD 接口,编程快速方便,预览形象直观。 7、自动排屑,冷却液循环使用。 8、关键的数控系统、机械、电气元件及部件选用国内外知名公司产品。 9、换热器、化工机械行业大型管板钻孔加工的优选设备。 1.Servo slide type drilling head,with drilling,reaming,chamfering,slot milling function,all drilling heads can work together,or independently. 2.In X,Y direction for automatic point drilling,spindle speed and feed speed stepless adjustable. 3.Bed is arranged on the T slot,using plate clamping workpiece. 4.Available hand wheel,thimble,inquiry edge and other means to find work center. 5.CNC,PLC control,CRT display. 6.Programming software based on the WINDOWS platform,with CAD interface,quick and easy programming,preview image. 7.Automatic chip removal,cooling liquid recycling. 8.Key CNC systems,electrical components adopt well-known domestic and foreign products. 9.The first choice for large tube sheet drilling in heat exchanger and chemical machinery industry.

  ◆技术参数 Technical parameter

型  号 Model PLD3030 PLD3030/2   PLD4040/2   PLD5050/4 PLD7070/12 PLD10030/2
加工范围 Processing range(mm) 3000x3000   4000x4000   5000x5000 7000x7000 10000x3000
最大厚度 Maximum thickness(mm) 250 200   250   200
主轴数量 Number of spindle(个) 1   2   4 12 2
主轴转速     120-560    
Spindle rotating speed(r/min)        
钻孔直径 Dia.of drilling hole(mm)       φ12-φ50(选配 optionΦ12-Φ63)    
主电机功率 Motor power(KW)     7.5     12 7.5
控制方式 Control mode   西门子数控系统 /PLC+ 上位计算机 SIEMENS CNC system /PLC+ PC